Entertainment & Touring

We have many years experience in the organisation of UK, European and worldwide Tours, whether working with solo artists, or a band, entourage and large production crew. We understand the complexity of the travel logistics required, from the initial stage of piecing together the movement sheet based on the tour schedule.

Our experience and knowledge in this particular area is key to ensuring we anticipate every requirement. Our contacts and relations with hotels and airlines affords us the advantage of negotiating the best possible rates and inclusions to suit your budgets and preferences based on the touring dates and show performances. We source, recommend and negotiate costs at the properties we feel work best for location, style and of course budget. We ensure that riders are actioned and rooming lists, hotel information sheets and welcome envelopes provided with clear payment instructions and receipts attained after departure.

We recognise the importance of traveller profiles so as to ensure their preferred seat and meal is allocated where possible, and their frequent memberships applied, to name a few. We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide which we believe is key to building a rapport with our clients. Our attention to detail and understanding of the industry are key.

As well as your dedicated agent, we also provide a free Out of Hours Emergency inhouse service 24/7 which we feel is essential to providing continuity.